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You take care of your patients, we'll take care of your practice.
Practice Consulting
Practice Marketing
Practice in Transition?

We provide on-site analysis and evaluation of practice efficiency, offer custom-tailored and cost-effective solutions, and provide on-site, hands-on training.

We will work with your team on areas such as staffing, team work, management systems, meetings, case acceptance, production efficiency, scheduling efficiency, collection efficiency, marketing, communication, customer service, overhead control and more! Find out more about our consulting services!

A successful marketing strategy combines in-office promotional materials, community outreach, selective and creative advertising, networking, and referrals. Creating, implementing, and maintaining an exceptional Marketing Plan can be daunting and time-consuming.

Let our team of marketing experts do the research, make the phone calls, design the package, and write the words you need while you and your team practice dentistry. Learn more about our marketing services!

It’s never easy to plan for your future, but McKane & Associates can take the worry out of all phases of transitional planning.  Cindy and her team have joined Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions.  Henry Schein PPT is the leader in dental practice sales and transition.


As one of the top consultants,Cindy provides practical, step-by-step advice on how to deal with the challenges of purchasing, merging, selling, or acquiring a practice. We focus on designing a smooth and efficient plan that meets the specific needs and vision of our individual clients. Read more about how we can help.

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