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A Master Dental Practice is a practice that provides excellent patient care in an efficient and effective business environment. Because it requires excellent managerial skills and scrupulous attention to detail, this combination is not always easy to achieve. Most dental practitioners are too busy practicing dentistry to develop and implement a design that really works. Those who attempt it at all focus on one or two critical areas while neglecting others that are just as important.  The result?

Almost every dental practice has potential that is seldom fully tapped and almost every dental practice has problem zones that can affect overall productivity and profit. Our program can provide the tools your practice needs to reach its full potential. Our program can help turn practice problem zones into practice profit zones.


The McKane & Associates Design for the Master Practice includes

  • an on site analysis of all critical practice components

  • a custom tailored strategy for improving or enhancing practice operating systems

  • specific and detailed recommendations for procedural changes

  • a logical and cost-effective blueprint for implementation


Our Case Acceptance Experts Will

  • show you how to sell  benefits rather than features

  • provide appropriate visual aids 

  • provide scripts that will help patients understand financial arrangements

  • help you learn to recognize what patients need and want

  • show you how to help patients fully understand recommended treatment plans

  • help you create an environment that promotes positive patient attitudes

  • assist you to enhance under-utilized treatment areas of treatment 

  • show you how to monitor and improve case presentation 

  • help each team members understand his or her role in promoting optimal dentistry


Our Collection Efficiency Experts Will

  • create an accurate system for tracking charges and payments

  • teach your team the value of computer back-ups and safe storage

  • design a fool proof system for credit checks

  • develop a system to monitor payment by mail, counter collections, and insurance

  • assist you to implement a sound protocol for processing insurance claims forms

  • show you the most effective way to help patients maximize insurance benefits

  • create a logical and easy to comprehend written financial policy

  • empower team members to be proactive collection specialists


Our Marketing Experts Will

  • help you turn patients into proactive referral specialists

  • design  a newsletter or bulletin that can be regularly distributed to patients

  • create a theme or logo that reflects your commitment to excellence

  • show you how to tune in to patient preferences, likes, dislikes, and concerns before designing new market strategies

  • teach your team to be public relations specialists

  • teach your team to help reactivate patients

  • design a reward system that motivates team marketing strategies

  • motivate your team to become customer service reps


Our Production Efficiency Experts Will

  • help you redesign the office for optimal use of equipment and patient flow

  • recommend supplies and equipment that provide for  production efficiency

  • assist you in eliminating any factors that create delay or chaos

  • design an efficient inventory control protocol

  • show you how to run on time all day, every day

  • motivate your assistants to perform to their highest capabilities

  • motivate your hygienists to perform to their highest capabilities

  • structure morning huddles that mean something


Our Scheduling Experts Will

  • help your time learn the best way to handle recall appointments

  • design an effective system that minimizes filing and retrieval time

  • help you track and streamline doctor, hygienist, and assistant time

  • teach effective block scheduling protocol

  • assist team members to deal with failed or late appointments

  • provide a better way to schedule time for emergencies

  • develop solutions for any current scheduling concerns and issues


Our Staffing Experts Will

  • help you create a written personal manual

  • design productive meeting protocols

  • teach you  to provide a safe environment for interpersonal communications

  • help you clarify the practice goals and vision

  • help team  members understand their respective responsibilities

  • design a system of achievement rewards

  • design an incentive plan that rewards productivity

  • show you how to encourage team members grow, to learn, to be innovative


Our Communication Experts Will

  • show you how to create a win-win relationship with patients

  • help team members develop a winning attitude

  • provide scripts that exude compassion and concern for patient needs

  • teach your team the power of language

  • teach your team the nuances of body language

  • assist you to make team meetings useful

  • help you create correspondence that says what you want it to say


Our Quality Control Experts Will

  • help you design a technical quality control program

  • motivate constructive mentoring

  • develop a well-disciplined laboratory quality control format

  • teach team members to monitor vital signs and watch for red flags

  • teach effective ways to handle uncomfortable situations and uncooperative patients

  • promote radiographic quality control

  • promote inventory quality control

  • design a housekeeping protocol

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