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A successful marketing strategy combines in-office promotional materials, community outreach, selective and creative advertising, networking, and referrals. Creating, implementing, and maintaining an exceptional Marketing Plan can be daunting and time-consuming.


Let our team of marketing experts do the research, make the phone calls, design the package, and write the words you need while you and your team practice dentistry.


Our writers and graphic artists will create exceptional Practice Portfolios that reflect your practice philosophy and services and are custom-tailored to match desired patient demographics.


Our research staff will locate and compile a Comprehensive Database of networking and promotional opportunities available in your state, county, and community.

Our marketing staff will serve as your Practice Liaison with Chambers of Commerce, area newspapers, printing firms, and other entities that can help you promote your services and name recognition in the community.


Our web team will create a Web Site that will enhance the practice image that you want to project.


Our social media team will harness the power of social media to bring in new clients to your practice.


Our Team Designs for Your Team Success

  • Correspondence Package to patients, colleagues, and community organizations, "dear neighbor" cards and flyers, and direct mail materials targeted at the client base you want to tap.

  • Newsletter slanted to reflect the concerns of your patients and your practice philosophy.

  • Advertorials and Press Releases to be published in community newspapers or community business databases.

  • A practical, cost-effective template for organizing and promoting an Open House.

  • A database of Community Contacts, Health Fairs, and Business-To-Business Networking opportunities.

  • Internal Marketing tools and strategies that optimize customer service, retention, reactivation, referrals, thank you notes, holiday greetings, and more.

  • Logos, Business Cards, Stationery and other materials that can be used for all of your marketing and networking needs.

  • A comprehensive and systematic Marketing Calendar.

Contact us to learn more about how we can create a customized marketing plan for your dental practice today!

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