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It’s never easy to plan for your future, but McKane & Associates can take the worry out of all phases of transitional planning.  Cindy and her team have joined Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions.  Henry Schein PPT is the leader in dental practice sales and transition.


Cindy provides practical, step-by-step advice on how to deal with the challenges of purchasing, merging, selling, or acquiring a practice. We focus on designing a smooth and efficient plan that meets the specific needs and vision of our individual clients, whether the vision is that of a young dentist dreaming of creating and building an independent practice or that of an experienced and mature practitioner looking forward to retirement.

With our extensive database, which is constantly monitored and updated to provide our clients with the most current information, we expertly match the needs of buyers and sellers to facilitate the complexities of negotiating fair and equitable settlements.


If you are buying

Whether you are opening your first practice, interested in acquiring an additional facility, or relocating an existing practice, we will help you find the perfect site. We will research area demographics to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses that will affect your long-term and short-term goals. We will provide an expert analysis of every potential facility and all existing equipment to determine what upgrades and renovations are needed. We will work with your accountant and attorney to ensure that any financial and legal considerations and concerns are properly addressed. We concentrate on details, allowing you to concentrate on the clinical responsibilities of your practice. Once you have purchased the practice of your choice, we will assist you in developing the optimal practice infrastructure to ensure the highest levels of productivity and profitability.


If you are selling

Whether your goal is retirement or relocation, we will assist you in developing a sound strategy for selling your practice. Our staff will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the tangible and intangible assets of your practice, using our extensive data base to compile a short list of qualified buyers who have an interest in acquiring a practice in your geographic area. We will provide prospective buyers with information about the financial potential and growth opportunities of the practice and assist you and your accountant in analyzing post-sale tax considerations. We will be involved in all aspects of marketing and will help you prepare all relevant documentation. We will serve as liaison between you and prospective buyers, coordinate pre-settlement negotiations, and represent your interests professionally and confidentially at all times.

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