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At The Dentistry Consultants we believe that the hygiene department is truly "The Pulse of the Practice".


In our competitive market, dentists try many approaches to improving their practice productivity, ranging from expensive marketing schemes to new technology. An approach that is commonly overlooked and that can revitalize a practice, with significantly lower expense, is to revamp the hygiene department to meet the demands of today’s business environment.


McKane & Associates has created an exciting new program that can move your hygiene department to the cutting edge of patient service and maximize hygiene income and profitability beyond your greatest expectations.


Let us help you:

  • Restructure the Hygiene department as it relates to the business of Dentistry

  • Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of Scheduling for productivity

  • Implement systems to improve your practice Recare program

  • Learn Scripts, Tips and Tools that keep repeat, loyal customers returning

  • Develop the Educating arena

  • Develop the Practice's periodontal program as it relates to the philosophy of your practice 

  • Develop the Goals and Vision of your hygiene department

  • Establish and monitor practice statistics as they relate to national averages

  • Re-assess the hygienist's role in the education of Comprehensive Dentistry

  • See the world of Dentistry as a commitment to a philosophy of excellence




Our unique program is guaranteed to turn your Hygiene Department into a profit center you and your hygienist can be proud of. Our consultants will work with you and your hygienist to develop an on site program that will turn your hygienist into a Master Dental Hygienist -- competent, confident, and the envy of her peers. 


McKane & Associates will empower your hygienist to

  • Become a Master Dental Hygienist

  • Create a Business Plan for the Hygiene Department

  • Monitor and Improve the Vital Signs of the Hygiene Department

  • Build Stronger Team Relationships

  • Design and Maintain a Healthy Recare Department

  • Enhance the Periodontal Program of Care

  • Discover New Products, Instruments, and Equipment

  • Aspire to Excellence

  • Motivate Others to Aspire to Excellence


McKane & Associates will provide your hygienist with strategies and tools to

  • Know the Total Patient

  • Diagnose the Total Patient

  • Treat the Total Patient

  • Communicate with the Patient

  • Educate the Patient

  • Close the Deal with the Patient

  • Keep Loyal Patients Coming Back

  • Encourage New Patient Referrals


McKane & Associates will assist your hygienist to develop techniques that translate into

  • A+ Appointments

  • A+ Attitude

  • A+ Communication

  • A+ Cooperation

  • A+ Enthusiasm

  • A+ Ergonomics

  • A+ Ethics

  • A+ Image

  • A+ Marketing

  • A+ Meetings

  • A+ Patient Care

  • A+ Patient Compliance

  • A+ Patient Education

  • A+ Practice Statistics

  • A+ Productivity

  • A+ Profitability

  • A+ Quality Control

  • A+ Schedules

  • A+ Time Management

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