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Written communication is part of the life of every dental practice. If your team can't find the time or creative juices to write letters, brochure copy, newsletter articles, or information for welcome to our practice portfolios, our team is ready and willing to lend a hand.


Need to get the word out to patients about changes in dentistry that can affect their well being, their pocketbooks, or their comfort and don't have the time? We do. 


Need to introduce a new partner to your patient base and don't have exactly the right way to get your message out? We have.


Have a dental hygienist who has invented a better mousetrap and doesn't know the ins and outs of getting her idea published in a professional journal? We know. 


Have team members who are anxious to produce a monthly newsletter for patients but can't get the grammar and the sentence structure to work? We can.


We will write or edit:

  • newsletter articles

  • letters

  • staff bios

  • promotional materials

  • brochures about your practice and your services

  • templates for mass mailings

  • copy for flyers

  • FAQ materials for patients

  • web site content

  • personnel manuals

  • reports

  • press releases

  • special request items

  • articles for professional journals


Our team of writers is fast, efficient, and accurate.  Contact us today and learn more about this exciting service.

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